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We Believe
For the policing profession, there is a better way than ‘business as usual.’

We Believe
Every contact police have should instill safety and security, while building trust, influence and relationships.

We Believe
The best cops and genuine leaders have always lived this out, but processes in the police culture have eroded this type of leadership, exposing a layer of fear, cynicism and mistrust.

We Believe
Many caring and thoughtful people want things to change and are willing to volunteer their best efforts to see it through.

The Unleashing Respect Project is meant to contribute helpful service by providing perspective and opinion. This web site is a portal of that service, so please take the time to look around.

Each individual has a unique perspective and acts as an independent contributor. Contributors are not employees, partners or shareholders of the Project. The general guiding principles of the Project have been expressed in the book, Unleashing the Power of Unconditional Respect: Transforming Law Enforcement and Police Training. Most people visit this Project web site as a result of having read this book.

Contributors have unique professional lives. Many are published authors and can be engaged independently, or through their employers, as consultants or trainers. However, the Project itself does not receive or distribute any funds or donations. The Project does not provide legal, financial or professional advice of any kind.

Thank you for wanting to join us in our mission to improve law enforcement / community member relationships. We encourage you to contact your local law enforcement agencies through Facebook, Twitter, and email to let them know about the project by referring them to our website and sharing our mission. We hope to provide in the near future more ways to interact with local law enforcement agencies.

Please share our project with your Linked In, Facebook and twitter friends. Contact us below for more information about the project. Thanks again for your support of our project!

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Unleashing Respect

The purpose of the Unleashing Respect Project is to build and strengthen partnerships between police and their communities, and equip these partnerships to instill safety, confidence and prosperity into our communities.